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Let us introduce “washinden,” scarves created in Fukui Prefecture located at the northern part almost in the center of Japan.
It took three years to develop the “washinden” scarves. It is knitting made from”washi” Japanese paper combined with cupra.
Its colors and designs are dyed by hands piece by piece with the traditional technique that dates back to 200 years ago.

Benefitting from the characteristics of washi, these scarves are light in weight, has cool sensation, and absorbs water. Even if it is put in a bag, there is no need to worry about wrinkles. It is easy to handle and washable in water.

Length : 168cm  66.14in
Width : 30cm  11.81in
Price : ¥12,960 including consumption tax

Length : 175cm  68.89in
Width : 60cm  23.62in
Price : ¥16,200 including comsumption tax

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